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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

A perfect Gerbera Daisy

Brighten up your day!

Mother’s Day is coming and one of the most popular gifts is flowers. I love cut flowers and potted plants. One of my favorite is the Gerbera Daisy.  I was daunted by the thought of growing this South African Native but  have found them to be surprisingly low maintenance and prolific. Gerberas come in a kaleidoscope of colors from muted pastel pinks to saturated coral and red tones. Gerberas like bright light (mine are thriving in a sunny window with fluorescent lights above) They do not like temps above 70 degrees  and during blooming need to be kept evenly moist.  Between blooms, plants should be allowed to dry out slightly before watering.  The flowers are very long lasting both on the plant and off.  A single Gerber bloom in a bud vase is a fun festive pick me up for any spot that needs a little brightening up.


Gerbera plants are also a great value.  At about $4 for a 4” pot, you can make mom a basket of beauty that she can enjoy for weeks indoors and then plant outside for summer enjoyment.


Another great value is lawn service from The Greenskeeper Lawn, Tree & Shrub Service.  What mom wouldn’t love the gift of a lush, green lawn?  Call us to surprise your Mom with the gift of lawn care.

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