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LYME DISEASE: The Difficulties Diagnosing An Epidemic | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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LYME DISEASE: The Difficulties Diagnosing An Epidemic

When we started to write this blog about tickborne illnesses, we were armed with facts and figures.  Below is the one figure you need. Clearly  Lyme is under diagnosed and spreading at alarming rates.

every year- that is ten times as many as previously reported. Some medical professionals fear this epidemic is more widespread than AIDS and without greater awareness, more destructive.

Lyme disease is not easily diagnosed.  Most people assume that without an attached tick or bullseye rash, Lyme does not exist.  Below is a link to a series of short essays written by a doctor who is victim of late stage, undiagnosed Lyme disease.


Dr. Jon Sterngold Late Stage Lyme Diagnosis


The best way to beat Lyme and other tick borne illnesses is prevention.  Here are some tips:


  1. Tall grass is a great hiding spot for small animals that carry deer ticks.  These animals travel through leaf litter and carry deer ticks to your yard.  Keep grass around foundations, trees, fences and structures trimmed.


  1. Clean up debris from around your property.  Leaf litter is a haven for ticks.


  1. Tick checks-often times ticks hitch a ride into your home on your pet.  They fall off and often times a person becomes the new host.


  1. The Greenskeeper offers a variety of solutions for tick control.  Tick control is a great way to diminish tick populations and help to make your home safer for your pets and family.


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