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The Great Crabgrass Impostor | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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The Great Crabgrass Impostor

We have received as lot of phone calls the last 2 weeks about crabgrass.  While that is not unusual in many lawns this time of year, it is unusual in a lawn serviced by The Greenskeeper.  With 2 pre-emergent crabgrass control applications, that was one summer weed we have seen very little of and were shocked by some of the photos customers sent us.  We sent out intrepid staff out to look into the problems and given the hot, humid summer we were not surprised to see that the great impostor was back.  Dallisgrass.  Typically a southern weed, Dallisgrass was a problem in the north east this summer.   Unfortunately, crabgrass pre-emergent and control sprays are not effective on Dallisgrass.  Multiple sprays can take care of it but during hot weather, subsequent weed control sprays can harm the good turf grass.  With cooler weather, the Dallisgrass will die off.  It is important to remove seed heads to prevent spreading.  Those seeds can and will sit dormant until another hot, humid summer and start the cycle all over again.

It only looks like crabgrass.


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