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Fall Tree and Shrub Care | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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Fall Tree and Shrub Care

Fall is here and it’s time to start preparing your trees and shrubs for the winter. The services that we offer and recommend in fall are Tree Shrub Insect Disease Control, Fall Dormant Oil, Deep Root Fertilization and Antidessicant.

Tree/Shrub Insect Disease Control: Insects are still active and fungal diseases are a problem this time of year. A treatment in fall will make for healthier plants in spring.

Fall Dormant Oil: Smothers egg masses to prevent insects from hatching in spring. This is especially helpful for insects like winter moths.

Antidessicants: Cold biting winds dry out landscape plants. Antidessicants form a barrier to prevent wind burn on landscape plants.

Deep Root Fertilization: We recommend 2 deep root feedings per year. The spring feeding will promote new growth. A fall deep root feeding benefits root development and the overall health of your plants.

We also get asked quite often about pruning. It is not a service we offer but a good rule of thumb is to wait until your deciduous trees and shrubs (those that lose foliage in winter) are dormant until you do any pruning. In fall these plants are very susceptible to fungal diseases and slow healing wounds are excellent entrance points for those diseases. Also pruning when plants aren’t dormant promotes growth and the new growth will not survive cold winter temperatures.

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