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Well Isn’t That Dandy? | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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Well Isn’t That Dandy?

Sea of Gold

Dandelions are pretty but not in your lawn.

Finally, the landscape is finally awash with color. But not all the color is welcome. Dandelions are popping up everywhere. A customer called this week and was concerned that our first treatment didn’t work. I assured her it had done exactly what it was meant to do- fertilize her lawn but that also means it helped along anything that was hungry for food and warm temperatures which didn’t make an appearance until well into April. Our spring lawn treatment contains a pre-emergent crab grass control. This product only stops the germination of crabgrass. Broadleaf weeds, like dandelions are not treated until they are actively growing. This method allows us to spot spray only where it is needed and not blanket your lawn with product. If you are a customer seeing a sea of gold in your yard- and it’s not loose change from a leprechaun’s pot, give us a call. Customers know, service calls are always free!

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