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Chickweed | The Greenskeeper Lawn Service
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Common Chickweed

Spring is finally here!  And so are the weeds.  We have been receiving numerous phone calls about  a weed creeping into beds and lawns.  It’s pretty, but it just doesn’t belong there is a typical comment.  The offending weed is common chickweed.  This mat forming winter annual is found through out North America.  Common chickweed has a shallow root system so it is easily pulled out.  Unfortunately, the entire plant must be pulled out in order to prevent it from popping up again.   Common chickweed can be controlled with vegetation control sprays and a pre- emergent weed control.  A 1′ thick layer of mulch or wood chips will help to prevent break through.  If you prefer an organic approach, ordinary household vinegar works wonders.  Just as with non-organic products, be careful not to spray other plant material as they too, will be killed off or damaged from the overspray.

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